by | Oct 13, 2018

Baliti FM

Baliti FM is a community radio station located in Isiolo town, about 285 Kilometres north of Nairobi city. Baliti FM broadcasts to a radius of 130 Kilometres in Isiolo County. The community radio broadcasts on 102.7 from Isiolo town. It was established by the Foundation for Women Pastoralists (FOWOPA) in collaboration with the local community in 2012. Baliti is an Oromo word meaning “Umoja” in Swahili, and can translate to ours / together/togetherness. Baliti FM went on air on July 17th 2013.

  • Frequency:  102.7 FM
  • Geographical reach:  130 Kilometres
  • Language/s of broadcast:  Kiswahili and Borana
  • Broadcast duration:  24 hours
  • Location:  Isiolo town, Isiolo County
  • Estimated audience:  300,000 listeners
  • Contact Person:   Ibrahim Yaro Lakicha, Station Manager

The establishment of Baliti FM revolved on the need to increase the voice and visibility of women and youths of Isiolo County in development processes and actions and to address issues on drought, cattle rustling and conflict challenges in Isiolo town and its environs. Its mission is to enable people’s access to information which will support development by providing an easily accessible and affordable communication platform.

Since its establishment, the radio has produced, developed and aired programs on good governance, life stock development, climate change, gender and development, peace-building, children’s rights and the rights of marginalized groups such as persons with disability. Baliti FM has provided a platform for the people to communicate to each other towards specific economic, social and political actions to protect their rights and improve their livelihood.

The community radio station is built on the concept of “Community Driven Development (CDD)” a concept that places people central to development from the onset to implementation. The radio station covers the Upper Easter region, an area that has faced the worst historical injustices in Kenya since independence. The aim of Baliti FM is to promote a culture of democracy in a non-ethnic, non-sexist society, free from all forms of discrimination whilst at the same time informing and educating the community on current development issues, helping them to actively participate and engage with listeners across the country.  The station broadcasts a number of programmes spread across the day to cater for the two languages, Kiswahili and Borana.

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