by | Jan 23, 2019


Haki is a short Swahili Radio drama on accountability of county government leaders. It has been scripted and characterized by  Isiolo comedy group theatre and produced by Baliti FM community Radio in Isiolo county. The drama features a fictional county known as Utawa where the leaders and locals have converged for a meeting at the government headquarters to have a dialogue on issues of corruption, development in the county as well as enhancement of peaceful coexistence. The locals turn up in large numbers for the convention upon a clarion call from the county press. This is the first meeting since the end of the previous elections. The county spokesperson welcomes the Governor, County Executive members and members of county assembly and the meeting proceeds for 3 hours.In the end,the county spokesperson reiterates some of the development projects that the government would implement In the course of the term, which are, construction and reviving of factories,construction of roads, construction of schools and hospitals and pension for retirees and the old age. Some residents clap upon the remarks while others seem not to be so satisfied with it.Some recounted the unfulfilled promises that were made in the previous year and vowed to do all it takes to bring the leaders to account.
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