by | Oct 13, 2018

Sawanga FM

Sauti ya Wanjiku Ngarua (SaWaNga’ 99.0 FM) was established to publicize the activities of Laikipia Agriwel CBO registered in 2015 to carry out the following activities in Ng’arua area of Laikipia County.
(a) To promote community awareness in modern methods of farming
(b) To seek expert advice in water harvesting method in the semi-arid region
(c) To encourage economic and sustainable animal husbandry practices
(d) To facilitate marketing of farmers crops and livestock
(e) To promote education for the community to adopt modern way of life
(f) To educate the community on health issues and how to avoid and deal with HIV and AIDs
(g) To promote good cultural practices in the Community and intercommunity integration and harmony. Discourage negative cultural practices such as cattle rustling and FGM
(h) To be the community link with County and National Governments for empowerment and development
(i) To sensitize the community to preserve and protect the environment
(j) To advocate for the welfare of the needy and vulnerable members of the community. In particular follow up the monthly stipend by the government to the elderly people over 65 years old which is corruptly administered locally and many don’t benefit

SaWaNga’ FM is a non-commercial radio station which provides a community broadcasting service to people of Ng’arua and the surrounding areas within Laikipia and neighbouring counties. Its geographic coverage is approximately 100 km radius with around 200,000 listeners and expanding as the transmitters are adjusted to the licensed power output levels It aims to contribute to all aspects of the welfare of the community by providing access to truly independent community owned and run local radio programmes which will:

Since it started broadcasting, Sawanga 99.0 FM has been able to present several developmental programmes focusing on agriculture, health, youth development, promotion of women projects as well as advocating peaceful co-existence among different communities residing in the area. This has been achieved through either direct interviews with experts/leaders, studio presentations and listener interactions by calling in or by sending of SMS’s.

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