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Mixed Reaction on Kibra CDF Performance Report

Author: Leonard Okwako

The report that Kibra constituency is one of the best in terms of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) utilization was received with mixed reaction after some residents went against the report saying they have not seen any tangible project done by the fund.
They claim the office has not done anything to ascertain they are best in CDF performance. They wanted to know who did social audit and where it was done. Some claim that only members of MP’s ethnic background only benefited from the fund. Benjamin Tony from Soweto West said despite making several applications yearly, he has never benefited from the funds. “I have been making applications every year but at the time of disbursements, only luo names are called, claims Tony.
He added that he has struggled to pay school fees for his children single handedly and if he hears that Kibra is the best in terms of CDF performance then he wonders who does the audit and where. “I have been struggling to pay school fees for my daughters. I didn’t receive any help from bursaries. I wonder now to hear Kibra CDF is the best,” says Tony.
Those who benefited from the fund said the area MP Ken Okoth did well in terms of bursary allocation. They say the leadership is very transparent and everyone receives the fund. They said even though they got a paltry Ksh5000 bursary fund, the Member of Parliament needs to be commended. “Hata mkia ni nyama. Inashinda bure. Zamani hatukukua tunapata kitu. Bora siku hizi tunapata ksh5000,” even a tail is part of a meat even though small, during last regimes we used not to get anything, fortunately we nowadays get ksh5000 even though small.
Asked about any project apart from bursaries, the residents could not identify any. Majority of those we interviewed could not identify projects. They would only mention bursaries. Kibra constituency has nine villages. Lindi, Laini Saba, Kisumu Ndogo, Katwekera, Makina, Kianda, Kambi Muru and Soweto West.
A sport check by Kibera Journal reporters could not trace any new project initiated by Kibra Constituency Development Fund (CDF). A visit at Kibra Constituency office for clarification was fruitless as we were told the person responsible for information was absent and we would be called once the information was ready. Up to the time of publishing, no report had been given to us.

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