May 2, 2019 | Articles

Bad state of the Bridge connecting Ngomongo and Glucola

Author: Catherine Wanjiku
Newsletter: Koch News

Residents of Ngomongo have passed concerns over the bridge connecting the area to Glocola area.The pathetic state of the bridge has caught attention of the residents who feel that the government has lost its mandate.

“The bridge which was built in 1999 has never been repaired since then”, said Bob Ogolla a resident at Ngomongo. “Children are having a big problem crossing the bridge to schools considering the fact that many students living at Ngomongo area learn at Babadogo Primary and secondary school”, he added.

Mike ouma, a student at Babadogo primary who resides at Ngomongo area says that he once fell  from  the bridge while he was crossing  going to school.Ouma crosses the bridge everyday early in the morning but he has to be careful not to fall again since several metals which were used to build the bridge are weak.

The plight of the residents seem to extend to business people who trade at Ngomongo but live in Glucola. Crossing the bridge is one of the major problems because it is risky using a bridge whose condition is bad. Many people fear using the bridge and they opt to use the alternative bridge connecting Ngomongo to Lucky Summer which is quite far.

Residents are urging respective authorities to take action before lives are lost or damages occur.

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