Did the closure of schools due to the Corona disease brought about by Covid-19 virus proved the fact that ‘The Teachers are the best Parents?’.

It was a great step taken by President of the Republic of Kenya to close the schools, and to ask the school children back to their parents because the spread of Corona could have been of immense number. This is the only year, the second term of studying turned out to be virtual.
The stay with the parents, purposely to stop the spread of the Corona virus, taught us lots, especially in our locality, where our radio station covers the most, community.
From the recent, though unconfirmed numbers of the school girls getting pregnant greatly proved to some extent the fact that the teachers might be the ‘best parents’ of all times.
Did the parents gave their children total freedom, or ignorance from the school children?
Well, we have been trying our best as we can, educating them of the need to abstain during this days, ofcourse, if you abstain nothing will happen, and the need to do education as from the first perspective priority.
Sogoot Fm radio station, from due to the reason that it is the community radio, has been highlighting of the same from the most of the programs. The common goal like other community radio stations is to be totally committed to nurture the reached community or set number of people on the need to avoid the spread of Corona virus by following each and every guidelines set by the ministry of health. School children are at home and also of the reach, we are as well tryng our best to educate them the need to continue reading while at home, avoid peer and stay home of course that will cut out most of those negative happenings and the need to sharpen their future to become prominent, respected and most of all to change the living standards of the latter in the coming years.
It is our responsibility as the radio station, that talks to mass at the same time( the best thing about the radio station), to negate such bad beahaviors and to enlighten the parents about such happenings that has left the education ministry and stakeholders in total awe.
As I end my statement, the fact that most are about to prove the fact that ‘Teachers are the best Parents’, let’s do talk to our school children about everything, sexual impact, education opportunities and peer influence thus it will cut out the early pregnancies and early marriages.
We will not forget as well to educate our Listeners on the need to wash their hands regularly, at least twenty (20) seconds with the running water and soap, use alcohol-based sanitizer and maintain social distancing as well as asking them to stay at home (this will cut out the spread and negative vices above).
Together we will kill Corona virus.
We will overcome!
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