May 2, 2019 | Articles

How Can Ksh. 21 Billion Change Lives in Korogocho

Author: Dennis Esonga
Newsletter: Koch News

Korogocho slum has a population of about 150,000 people. In 2009, it was estimated to be the fourth largest slum in Nairobi after Kibera, Mathare and Mukuru kwa Njenga. As Kenyan citizens they are taxpayers and the recent corruption scandals affects them too. According to the DCI Boss George Kinoti, through Kimwerer and Arror dam project 21 billion is said to have disappeared, though the deputy president William Ruto said only Ksh 7 Billion of taxpayer’s money was lost.

The question is: what can Ksh 21 Billion do for Korogocho people?


With a population of around 150,000 people, if Ksh 21 Billion is shared equally then everyone in the slum will get a total of Ksh 140,000 each.


With such a huge population, access to health care to Korogocho residents has been always been a nightmare. Korogocho health centre which serves over 50 patients per day is estimated to have costed Ksh. 20 Million to be constructed. Ksh 21 Billion is enough to build 1,050 health facilities of such caliber in the country. The same amount, can construct 10 more healthcare facilities in Korogocho and its environs totaling to Ksh 200M. The balance can be used to pay for all slum residents NHIF fee of Ksh 500 per month for the next 24 years. This would mean that Korogocho residents would gain access to better medical care in next 24 years.


In Korogocho there are a good number of young people who are so talented in, Music, Basket Ball and other areas. The cost of constructing a stadium with a capacity of 60,000 people is estimated to be Ksh 11 Billion. The current condition of Korogocho Stadium, which is the home ground for Korogocho Youths and Korogocho United, is not up to standard. Ksh 21 Billion is enough to upgrade the stadium to a modern one and the remaining Ksh 10 Billion can be used to build a modern theater with an estimated cost of Ksh 1Billion and several recording studios for the youth.


One of the biggest challenges facing people living in Korogocho is food shortage due to high cost of living and some rely on leftover food called ‘chombo’ from the Dandora dumpsite. The recent report by Koch Fm in partnership with APHRC through the right to food project highlighted that a number of them can only afford 1 meal per day. With Ksh 21 Billion, everyone in Korogocho including children can be fed for the next 4 years, with a food budget of Ksh 100 per day.

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