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KCODA Enlightens Kawangware Residents on County Budgeting and Social Accountability

Author: Leonard Okwako

Kibera Community Development Agenda (KCODA) held a day forum at Free Methodist Church in Muslims Kawangware to enlighten residents of Kawangware in Dagoretti South constituency on County Budgeting and Social Accountability. Those who attended included residents of Muslim area, Gatina, Riruta, Satellite, Congo and Kawangware market.
At the forum, the participants expressed their expectations saying they had anticipated to know more about their rights. They said it was imperative to learn more on devolution and public funds. Some expressed their concern over the need to know their rights adding that service delivery by the government would be improved. They saw the need to be made aware on how to coexist within the community.
The facilitator Mr. Titus Gitonga said the devolution had increased opportunity for citizens to participate in governance matters. “The implementation of devolution in Kenya presents citizens with increased opportunities to participate in governance processes at the county level.” He said the Kenyan constitution that was promulgated in 2010 clearly indicates the source of revenue for County and National Government and the functions of the two governments. “The provisions of the Constitution 2010 define sources of revenue for both the national and county levels of government while schedule four of the Constitution highlights the functions of both levels of government,” said the facilitator.
Mr. Gitonga said service delivery in key sectors has been devolved to the County government giving the citizens easy access in monitoring on how they operate. “Service delivery in key sectors such as education, health, and agriculture has been handed to County governments. This situation creates the imperative for proper management of financial resources and gives the people of Kenya the power of self-governance through increased citizen engagement with these devolved units.”
He talked about rights saying rights are basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter adding that it is what a person requires to survive. He said it is what one is required to get from government.
The facilitator said it was noted that all the above make up some elements of a ‘right’ which is an entitlement of all persons by virtue of being human and a right creates obligations which may shift from time to time between government, fellow citizens and individual. Rights in Kenya are provided for under the Bill of Rights which is Chapter Four of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
The participants identified some of the rights as to include:
Right to life, right to health, education and water, right to justice, and right to information.
Pastor Antony Omoro of KCODA said the forum was aimed at enhancing representation of women and youth in leadership development and mentorship within groups or caucuses and formation of anti-corruption between the public and the County Government to improve accountability in use of public finance in basic service delivery. Other aims include: promote media campaigns on development funds and its accessibilities to the women and youth in the counties, to strengthen community through capacity building on County strategic planning process and access public information to the public. Others are to strengthen basic right advocacy groups through monitoring and dialogue towards services delivery by the government institution, mobilization and empowering women and youth in taking leadership roles within political realm to reduce discrimination and marginalization and to improved access to water, health and food to people living in extreme poverty and exclusion (Kibera, Kawangware and Pumwani informal settlement).
Young people participate in budget planning processes and influence the allocation of fund to reflect their needs.
Members of county Assembly practice accountability in use and management of devolved funds in Nairobi county People living in extreme poverty and exclusion have access to devolved funds in Nairobi County e.g. CDF and CBF.

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