by | Oct 13, 2018

kigongona, Utheri na Uigiririki Bururi Ini


Since time immemorial, voices of faithful reciting pilgrims according to the Holy Book has been respected and honored, for every time its heard, it sends a certain message to people. From this, even the state honors it and the leadership behind it is for it is believed to carry some divinity with them. Hope, restoration, healing, peace, reconciliation, upholding of morals, cleansing and anything good you may think of come from it, it is considered to be holy. When peace vanishes, corruption is on the rise and other vices undermining development of the state, the leaders behind the holy places are called upon. The Holy Altars. But are they still holy, are they fulfilling their mandate or are they fanning the vices they are supposed to be condemning? “Holy Altars”

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