May 2, 2019 | Articles

“TOKEN PROJECT” Failed in Kibera Despite KPLC Invested Millions in the Program

Author: Leonard Okwako
Newsletter: Kibera Journal

Kibera residents were a happy lot during the introduction of flopped “token power program” by Kenya Power and Lightning Company.

Residents had believed that a perennial problem about getting power from cartels who charge them a constant fee of shillings 300 would be a thing of the past.

They knew they would manage their own power bills which would result to them paying a lower fee as compared to what they had been paying to cartels.

Little did they know the token power is unsustainable for them. Almost 100% of households visited by Kibera Journal confirm residents use illegal tapped power by cartels.

They claim that using power supplied by cartels is very cheap as compared to token. They say one has to pay a constant fee of shillings 300 no matter how much you load. “I use two bulbs, iron my clothes, use radio and TV and cook with it using my electric cooker but at the end of the month I pay only shillings 300,” claims a resident.

She added that she was to pay over shillings 1500 for token for the same equipments she uses which cartels charge her only shillings 300.

She said the power by cartels are never disconnected unlike token which one has to be charged according to usage.

Every household we visited founded metres not working and people are enjoying power supplied through illegal connection.

The government should consider lowering electricity fee to accommodate many people instead of millions going to cartels.

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